Affirmations in every tab

The AffirmTabs browser extension gives you a new affirmation in each tab that you open. Affirmations are short and powerful statements that set positive intentions in your mind.

Available on major web browsers

The browser extension is currently available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It is set up with one click of a button. 


Add your own affirmations

Write and add your own affirmations that will appear every time you open a new tab. Use affirmations of any kind to help shape your reality in a positive way. 

Train your mind for success

Seeing your affirmations in a new tab will constantly remind you of your positive intentions. Affirmations help you keep a positive mindset throughout the day as you are browsing and opening tabs. 

Create affirmations for happiness

Set affirmations for happiness and gratitude to positively affect your day.

Create affirmations for wealth

Set your intentions on wealth and money to keep a success mindset.

Use affirmations for health

Set your intentions on good health and energy to keep a good mindset. 

Use affirmations for love

Set affirmations that remind you of love. 

A new background color in every tab

Seeing your affirmations on different background colors will help you internalize your positive intentions.


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